School Lunches

Eat with us!

Hot lunch will begin on September 7th. All students must bring a cold lunch to school for the first week. 

Lunch menus are posted by the 18th of each month and are due by the 20th. Lunches must be ordered right through your FACTS Family Portal. If you have not created a Family Portal account yet, please do so by following these instructions,   
Use password: Portal 

Hot lunches are $4.50 each. This year lunch does not include milk but milk can be purchased for 75¢. Juice boxes and bottled water can also be ordered for 75¢ each. 


Students have snack time every morning. They may bring in money to purchase from the snack cart, prices range from 25¢ to $1, or bring one from home.

Students are welcome to bring home lunches. We do have microwaves in the cafeteria for quick-heating. 

In order to provide students and parents with the best possible service, clarity, and accountability surrounding the school lunch program, the following procedures regarding lunch account balances is in effect:

  1. Lunches are expected to be ordered and paid for in advance. 

  2. The lunch program works within a strict budget and the number of meals planned and prepared each day is carefully determined. In order to ensure that sufficient food is available to those who have paid, we can no longer provide the full menu to students who have not preordered lunch. If a child does not have a cold lunch from home, an alternative lunch (sandwich or cereal, fruit and milk) will be offered in place of the regular hot lunch. The parent will be notified and charged for the alternate meal.

  3. Parents with a balance due of more than $10.00 will be notified in writing. Once the balance notification has been sent out, parents will have five (5) days to pay or make arrangements to pay outstanding balances.

  4. If no action is taken, parent will be contacted by phone. Students will be unable to participate in the lunch program (orders will not be processed) until the balance is paid or a payment agreement is made with the business manager.

Ordering Lunch

District Code: SJR-NH