Meet Our Staff!

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges

Dawn Florino, Ed.D Candidate, Principal

Mrs. Florino has been an educator for more than 20 years, many of which in NH Catholic schools.  She loves working with this age group, a critical time of personal and academic development.  She has been an educational consultant and leader with a diverse and rich background in special services.
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Mrs. Pauline Martineau, Assistant Principal, Social Sciences

Mrs. Martineau has been an educator for more than 37 years at St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High School. She is also the Athletic Director, U.S. History and World Georgraphy teacher. Mrs. Martineau's care for the students is endless as she supports the development of their independence and strong faith and character.

Mrs. Nicole de Barros, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. de Barros joined the St. Joseph staff last year. As Administrative Assistant, she is the first contact for incoming calls, absent forms, lunch orders, and other duties, including nurse for CLA (the elementary school below St. Joe's). An amazing organizer, Mrs. de Barros will be sure all messages and information will get to where they should be. 
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Mrs. Amanda Kane, Director of Admissions

Mrs. Kane guides families through the admissions process from the first inquiring call to walking through the door the first day of school. Mrs. Kane schedules and gives tours of St. Joe's as she knows everything STJ. She schedules shadow days (be a Bear for the day) for prospective students and walks families through the completion of admissions documentation. 
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Mr. Stephen Rosa, Gr. 7 & 8 Science Teacher

Mr. Rosa is a scientist with a passion for inquiry and knowledge. In life science and earth science, students learn to ask questions, conduct research, collect and evaluate information from a variety of sources, communicate about observations and findings, and work collaboratively to draw intelligent conclusions. 
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Mrs. Catherine Goodwin, Math Teacher, Gr. 7 & 8

Mrs. Goodwin is a mathematician with a mind for creative problem-solving and logic. Mrs. Goodwin encourages students to "think-out-of-the-box" while applying sound mathematical practices.  She is highly accessible and stretches students' thinking, offering after-school supplemental instruction if necessary. 

Mrs. Julie O'Brien, Spanish Teacher, Gr. 7 & 8

Prior to joining the staff at St. Joe’s, Mrs. O’Brien has worked with middle school aged children for the last several years of her career.  She is a life-long learner who is dedicated to the mission of encouraging her students to both recognize their strengths and develop the skills to overcome their challenges. Mrs.  O'Brien is excited to join the St. Joe's community and looks forward to the new experiences she will encounter. 
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Mrs. Lucy Jones, Religious Education, Art Teacher

Mrs. Jones is a Certified Catechist and artist.  She is invested in the formation of adolescents as they learn to navigate complicated lives.  In addition, as the St. Joseph Art Teacher, she teaches authentic artistic techniques and inspires appreciation of artistic pieces.  Mrs. Jones individualizes instruction because she comes to know her students deeply.
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Ms. Elizabeth Lombard, Language Arts Teacher, Gr. 7

Ms. Lombard is a first year teacher. She transitioned from the legal field into her lifelong dream of becoming an educator. Ms. Lombard  is passionate about literature, writing, and the arts. She guides her students to become lifelong learners who think about how literature and language arts applies to their daily lives. She inspires students to hold fast to their dreams. Ms. Lombard is overjoyed to join the St. Joe’s community.

Ms. Leia Donovan, Language Arts Teacher, Gr. 8

Ms. Donovan has a B.A. in English Literature, has spent four years in the classroom, and has a passport filled with stamps from around the world. You will usually find her reading, trying to write a compelling story, or out enjoying her home state of New Hampshire. God willing, she will inspire the St. Joseph students to succeed and will prepare them for high school. 
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Mr. Jeff Jenkins, Band Instructor, Gr. 7 & 8

Mr. Jenkins is our band insructor. He teaches at St. Joseph Regional Jr. High four days each week. He encourages students to try new instruments and explore talent they may not know they have. He grows the band as a team, as their music is always made better together. 

Ms. Nina Hind, Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Hind has a degree in Marketing Management from Syracuse University and is responsible for our website updates and outward-facing promotional materials for St. Joe's in addition to making sure that the St. Joe's brand is consistent across all platforms. 

Mr. Jeff Shelley, After School Program Enrichment Coordinator

Mr. Shelley has been teaching for over 14 years, both abroad and in his hometown of New York City. Having taught students from preschool all the way up to university students and adults, he understands the unique needs of each individual age group. His teaching style is rooted in structured scaffolding with pragmatic, interactive components that ultimately lead to critical thinking and free expression. Mr. Shelley is not a Yankees fan.

Mrs. Christina Garand, Business Manager

Mrs. Garand handles all things finance-related! She guides families through the tuition agreements and financial aid process. Additionally, she can assist with scholarships and grant applications. 

Ms. Kylie DeVarney,Geography and Social Skills Teacher, Gr. 7

Ms. DeVarney is joining us this year as our 7th grade geography teacher. She's especially excited for this year as it's her first year having her own classroom! She has a B.A. in History and previously worked with middle school special education students. She can't wait to teach students the importance of history and incorporate her love of music in the classroom and by starting a school choir and drama club. 

It is our hope that students will take responsibility for emailing teachers with questions after they have asked a friend, consulted their agenda books and used resources teachers have given them to do each assignment.  Students should email teachers if they know they have been or will be out for an extended period if they would like to make an appointment to stay after school for additional help. 

What Our Teachers Are Saying...

"I love teaching at a Catholic school because the students have a love for learning and are amazing students."

"The best part about my job is having great connections with the students over their two years and seeing their growth as individuals."

"The smaller class sizes at St. Joe's allow me to focus on each student more, so if they struggle I can help them understand the subject matter and develop their scientific lab skills."