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Meet Our Team

Mr. Mike Gaumont, Principal

I am incredibly excited to be  part of the St. Joseph Community. I am passionate about education and the Catholic Faith. I have spent the last three school years teaching eighth grade at Litchfield Middle School where I coached basketball and baseball. I am a resident of Milford, New Hampshire and a parishioner at St. Patrick Church. I am actively engaged in my parish community, serving as a lector at mass, and participating in the Men of St. Joseph Prayer Group as well as the Knights of Columbus.

Martineau, Pauline .jpg
Mrs. Martineau, Assistant Principal, Athletics Director, US History & French

Mrs. Martineau has been an educator for more than 40 years at St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High School. She is also the Athletic Director, U.S. History, and French teacher. Mrs. Martineau's care for the students is endless as she supports the development of their independence and strong faith and character.

Maria Profile.jpg
Ms. Feren, Student Life & Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Feren is the main point of contact for St. Joe's families during the onboarding process and throughout their time while at St. Joe's. She is committed to making sure each student feels loved, respected, and heard. Additionally, she is responsible running the social media, website, email communications and other channels. 

Christina circle.jpg
Mrs. Garand, Business Manager

Mrs. Garand handles all things finance-related! She guides families through the tuition agreements and financial aid process. Additionally, she can assist with scholarships and grant applications.

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Mrs. Brewitt, Director of Institutional Advancement

Mrs. Brewitt is our Director of Institutional Advancement at St. Joseph Junior High School. She will assist you with the admissions process, scheduling a tour or shadow day, or submitting an application.

Mr. McSorley, School Counselor & Campus Minister

Mr. McSorley spent 32 years as a writer and editor before joining St. Joseph. He loves sharing his love of the Lord with others, as well as his passion for good writing, and looks forward to experiencing those with our students. He enjoys prayer, reading, cooking , travel, and sports.

Meet Our Teachers

Jones, Lucy.jpeg
Mrs. Jones Religion Teacher

Mrs. Jones is a Certified Catechist. She is invested in the formation of adolescents as they learn to navigate complicated lives. Mrs. Jones individualizes instruction because she comes to know her students deeply.

Tarr, Teresa.jpeg
Mrs. Tarr, World Geography Teacher

Mrs. Tarr has been an educator and a coach for 30+ years in the NH public school system. She is thrilled to be able to bring her experience and her faith to her classroom here at St. Joseph! She is looking forward to "traveling around the world" with her 7th graders in World Geography class.

Merryfield, Leif.jpeg
Mr. Merryfield, Science Teacher

Mr. Merryfield is a scientist with a passion for inquiry and knowledge. In life science and earth science, students learn to ask questions, conduct research, collect and evaluate information from a variety of sources, communicate about observations and findings, and work collaboratively to draw intelligent conclusions.

Goodwin, Catherine .jpg
Mrs. Goodwin, Math Teacher

Mrs. Goodwin is a mathematician with a mind for creative problem-solving and logic. Mrs. Goodwin encourages students to "think-out-of-the-box" while applying sound mathematical practices.  She is highly accessible and stretches students' thinking, offering after-school supplemental instruction if necessary. 

O'Brien , Julie .jpg
Mrs. O'Brien, Spanish Teacher

Prior to joining the staff at St. Joe’s, Mrs. O’Brien has worked with middle school-aged children for the last several years of her career.  She is a lifelong learner who is dedicated to the mission of encouraging her students to both recognize their strengths and develop the skills to overcome their challenges. Mrs. O'Brien is excited about joining the St. Joe's community and looks forward to the new experiences she will encounter.  

Jenkins, Jeff.jpg
Mr. Jenkins, Band Teacher

Mr. Jenkins is our band insructor. He teaches at St. Joseph Regional Jr. High four days each week. He encourages students to try new instruments and explore talent they may not know they have. He grows the band as a team, as their music is always made better together.

Moreau, Emily.jpeg
Ms. Moreau, P.E. Teacher

Ms. Moreau is a first year PE teacher.  She transitioned into her teaching career after working as a Youth Programs Coordinator.  She has coached our girls’ soccer program for the last two years. She hopes to inspire the youth through her passion for fitness and sports. Ms. Moreau is thrilled to join the St. Joseph’s community full-time this year.

It is our hope that students will take responsibility for emailing teachers with questions after they have asked a friend, consulted their agenda books and used resources teachers have given them to do each assignment. Students should email teachers if they know they have been or will be out for an extended period if they would like to make an appointment to stay after school for additional help.

What Our Teachers Are Saying...

"I love teaching at a Catholic school because the students have a love for learning and are amazing students."

"The best part about my job is having great connections with the students over their two years and seeing their growth as individuals."

"The smaller class sizes at St. Joe's allow me to focus on each student more, so if they struggle I can help them understand the subject matter and develop their scientific lab skills."

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