Meet Our Staff!

Dawn Florino, Ed.D Candidate, Principal

Mrs. Florino has been an educator for more than 20 years, many of which in NH Catholic schools.  She loves working with this age group, a critical time of personal and academic development.  She has been an educational consultant and leader with a diverse and rich background in special services.

Mrs. Pauline Martineau, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Martineau has been an educator for more than 37 years at St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High School. She is also the Athletic Director, U.S. History and Study Skills teacher. Mrs. Martineau's care for the students is endless as she supports the development of their independence and strong faith and character.

Mrs. Amanda Kane, Admissions Coordinator

Mrs. Kane handles all of the important front-office details and guides families in the admissions process including scheduling tours, shadow days and completing admissions documentation.

Mr. Stephen Rosa, Grades 7 & 8 Science Teacher

Mr. Rosa is a scientist with a passion for inquiry and knowledge. In life science and earth science, students learn to ask questions, conduct research, collect and evaluate information from a variety of sources, communicate about observations and findings, and work collaboratively to draw intelligent conclusions. 

Mr. Borromeo, Grade 7 Geography, Physical Education, Study Skills, Athletic Coach

Mr. Borromeo is a historian. He believes history is about stories and invites students to examine cause and effect, perspective and fact. He is highly involved in the athletic program and serves as a mentor for girls and boys growing their physical skill and sportsmanship. 

Mrs. Catherine Goodwin, Math Teacher, Gr. 7 & 8

Mrs. Goodwin is a mathematician with a mind for creative problem-solving and logic. Mrs. Goodwin encourages students to "think-out-of-the-box" while applying sound mathematical practices.  She is highly accessible and stretches students' thinking, offering after-school supplemental instruction if necessary. 

Mrs. Hinds, Foreign Language Teacher

Mrs. Hinds teaches both Spanish and French, all levels. She has many years of experience in bringing language to life. She uses a wide-variety of interactive strategies to assure that students understand and can produce language for many contexts. She believes that a multi-sensory approach to language instruction is a richer and more lasting experience. 

Mrs. Lucy Jones, Religious Education, Art Teacher

Mrs. Jones is a Certified Catechist and artist.  She is invested in the formation of adolescents as they learn to navigate complicated lives.  In addition, as the St. Joseph Art Teacher, she teaches authentic artistic techniques and inspires appreciation of artistic pieces.  Mrs. Jones individualizes instruction because she comes to know her students deeply.

Mrs. Jamie Deignan, English Teacher, Gr. 7 & 8

Mrs. Deignan is a reader and writer. She hopes to ignite a passion for literacy in every student. She loves adolescent perspectives on reading topics and challenges their communication skills and abilities about, within and beyond the text.  She believes that reading widely and often is the best way to develop learners who can use their voices to contribute to the world. 

Mr. Jeff Jenkins, Band Instructor, Gr. 7 & 8

Mr. Jenkins is our band insructor. He teaches at St. Joseph Regional Jr. High four days each week. He encourages students to try new instruments and explore talent they may not know they have. He grows the band as a team, as their music is always made better together. 

It is our hope that students will take responsibility for emailing teachers with questions after they have asked a friend, consulted their agenda books and used resources teachers have given them to do each assignment.  Students should email teachers if they know they have been or will be out for an extended period if they would like to make an appointment to stay after school for additional help. 

St. Joseph Regional Regional Jr. High School

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