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Dress Code

Lookin' Sharp at St. Joe's 

Mass Days
Formal dress code items consist of a white button-down dress shirt, tan khakis, navy blazer, and sneakers.

Boys should wear their favorite ties.

We do have a lending/borrowing closet and we encourage families to donate their gently used blazers as the students outgrow them.


Regular School Days
Daily dress code items include any color polo shirt, khakis of any color, and sneakers. 

See section 4.7-4.10 of the handbook for more about our dress code including dress-down days!

You needn't purchase our dress code at Tommy Hilfiger, but the link below will allow you to shop conveniently if you choose to use it. 

The usage of the Tommy Hilfiger website is not mandatory and we do not have a "uniform." Items from the dress code listed can be purchased anywhere your family chooses.

If you choose to use the Tommy Hilfiger website, our school code is STJO10
Tommy Hilfiger Website .png
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