Q: Are you doing in-person learning? 

We are fully open for in-person instruction this year! Our students are expected to wear a mask all day. In the event that we must go remote, you can see our remote learning plan here.

Q: Do you have school sports? 

Due to COVID-19, we've had to temporarily suspend all school sports. We're hoping to resume sports and after-school activities next year. We do have a homework club for students who need to stay after school until 3:15 pm for extra help or until they can be picked up. 

Q: Where is the school located?

You might remember St. Joe's being located in our original building on Pine Street, but we have moved! Our new campus located at the corner of Belmont Street and Somerville Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Q: How much does tuition cost?

You can view our tuition rates here. 

Q: How can we get in touch with teachers? 

We pride ourselves on being transparent and easy to contact. If you need to get in touch with any of our teachers or staff members, you can find their information on our staff page. 

Q: What days do the students attend Mass and what is the dress code? 

Our students go to Mass first thing Friday morning, from 8:00 - 8:45 am. Formal uniforms consist of a white button-down dress shirt, tan khakis, navy blazer, nice shoes or tennis shoes. Boys should wear their favorite ties. We do have a lending/borrowing closet and we encourage families to donate their gently used blazers as the students outgrow them. You can view images of our Friday dress code here.

Q: What catering company do you use for school lunches? 

We use Celebrations Catering. You can look at our lunch menu here

Lunch menus are posted by the 18th of each month and are due by the 20th. Lunches can be paid by check and submitted to the main office. Lunch costs $4.50 per day including milk. Students are welcome to bring home lunches. We do have microwaves in the cafeteria for quick-heating. 



*Any additional questions can be directed to our Administrative Assistant, Nicole de Barros at ndebarros@stjoesjhs.org or she can be reached directly at (603)-624-4811.