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Our Athletic Programs

Our Commitment to Performance and Character

St. Joseph's Regional Junior High School offers a wide-range of extra-curricular activities. These activities provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers in competitive and thought-provoking environments that help them grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Through participation in these groups, students learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will serve them throughout their lifetime. At St. Joseph, students can play soccer, basketball, baseball, run track, cross-country.


Our school’s sports programs boast some impressive championships.  But more than that, students learn to be good stewards of God's Word at play.  There are many sports teams at St. Joseph, allowing students the opportunity to pursue their interests while in a caring school environment.

Please refer to our handbook, section 9.0 for our policy on athletic participation, our code of conduct and our expectations for each player.

Fall 2023 Important Info: 

Sign up for all sports is the first day of school.  


The first day of practice is September 1st for all fall teams.  

All athletes must have a current physical on file in the office.  No student will be able to play a game or run in a meet without a physical.  

All athletes must have an emergency form filled in and returned to the school.  


Cross-country: The coach is Mrs. Phemester.  


Practices will be every day there isn't a meet 2:30 to 4:00.  The practices will start and end at St. Joe's.  Everyone will ride to meets on a bus.  Parents will pick up their athlete at the meet.  All runners will be issued a jersey but will have to buy a pair of black shorts. 

Soccer: Emily Moreau  

Practices are every day from 3:00 - 5:00 at Precourt Park.  The teams will change right after school and walk together to the field with their coaches.  Parents will pick them up at the field. All will ride the bus to games. Parents will pick up their athletes at the game field. Players will be issued a jersey and socks.  Players will have to buy black shorts and must have a mouth guard (anything but white.)


All athletes will be given a schedule along with the addresses of all the fields.  All games can be found on the event calendar on our website.


There will be a $150 pay to play for each sport to help defray the cost of coaches, busses, equipment, and referees.

Please refer all sports-related questions to Ms. Martineau at

Health Form
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Game Calendar and Addresses

What People Are Saying

Megan, Grade 7 Soccer Player

"I just love soccer and I've never played on a school team before. The kids at St. Joe's are so nice, like if I make a bad shot, they  say 'good job, try again. "

Ben Borromeo, Boys Soccer and Basketball Coach

"I have been playing soccer since I was five and coaching since I was in the 8th grade. It allows me to share my passion for the sport and is natural for me as a teacher."

Jennifer, Parent of a Grade 8 Soccer Player

"My son has made such good friends, is encouraged to not only to be a good player but a good person when they wins and when he makes mistakes, to be responsible for the outcomes he gets and to work hard."

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