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The Academic Experience at St. Joseph 

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A Distinctly Different Educational Experience

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School is the only Manchester Catholic school focused exclusively on 7th and 8th-grade students' education. 

A Holistic Experience

Students are encouraged to explore their interests within a structured curriculum designed to help our students develop in heart, mind, body --- and soul. St. Joseph Regional Junior High School students build a solid foundation in academic teaching organization, personal responsibility, and study skills. We know parents and families are their first teachers, so we also provide support and resources for parental development, such as videos, articles, weekly newsletters, a principal's blog, and personal conversations with trained teachers and expert administrators.

A Rigorous Experience

At St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School, we define rigor in the following ways:

  • Students are learning intellectually stimulating, relevant content.

  • Students are learning intellectually complex and necessary content and processes.

  • Students are accountable for high-quality work.

  • Students are learning to be flexible, creative thinkers.

  • Students are learning to examine and reflect on over-arching questions. 

  • Students are learning to read, write, think, solve, question, evaluate, analyze and act on behalf of their knowledge.

  • Students are learning to plan, prioritize and organize time, materials, and energy.

  • Students are learning to advocate for themselves and others.


Course disciplines include:










An Individualized Experience

Assessment Techniques

In addition to formative and summative classroom assessments, at St. Joseph's we conduct standardized assessments three times each school year to assure students are growing in measurable ways. The NWEA assessment has been correlated with the SAT and ACT tests used for college admissions.


Our band puts on two concerts per year. Check out this video of our performers! 


Stay Informed!

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Earth and Life Sciences

U.S. History 


Physical Education

Study Skills



The low student-teacher ratio of 1:14, allows teachers to focus on individual students.  Teachers work closely with parents to ensure that every child’s needs are addressed in the most appropriate manner.  Homework is posted online, giving both parents and students another tool to ensure academic success at St. Joseph Regional.  Teachers offer after school support and enrichment sessions. Teachers and administrative staff hold advanced degrees, over 120 years of combined experience and a passion for their content area.  Beyond education and experience, our faculty and staff are devoted to St. Joseph and to its mission as a Catholic school and warm, inviting community.

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Our students are able to take a break from their academics every day during recess. Students can play volleyball, basketball, or football, and this gives them an opportunity to socialize with students outside of their classes. Recess periods are separated by grade level.  

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