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  • Dawn Florino

Why adolescents need to learn to bounce

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

If you could protect your kids from pain every single time, wouldn't you? In the story I tell myself about what it meant to be "the best mom" I could be, I imagined my children would have no sadness because I would always be able to spring into action and save them. We are tempted to insulate our kids from disappointment, frustration, failure, loss, because we carry their anguish, however substantial.

The problem with this insulation is that we cannot regulate the challenges they will encounter. We cannot tirelessly safeguard them without depriving them of the ability to "bounce" on their own with faith.

Bouncing Higher ~ Resilience

Adolescents have this uncanny ability to teach us more than we ever wanted to know about ourselves. Like no other age, children in the pre-teen and teenage years reveal to us our weaknesses and invite us to grow our

How Do We Teach Lifelong Resilience?

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