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St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School strives to keep tuition as low as possible. However, each year we need to make up the deficit between what we receive in tuition and fees per student ($9,200), and what it actually costs to educate each child ($12,250). In order to meet our budget, St. Joseph School offers several meaningful fundraising opportunities by which families can help bridge the gap between what they are paying and the actual cost of what they are getting.


To make headway in covering this shortage, each family is required to fundraise $250 over the course of the school year.

Here are the only two ways to meet your $250 Family Obligation:

Option 1

Families make either a one time “$250 buyout” payment to the school or they add it to their monthly FACTS account that spreads the payments out. The deadline for this option is the first day of the school year. This is a discounted rate because the money is coming directly to the school with no money allotted for prizes, marketing or administrative costs.


Please Note

  • Families that buyout are not eligible for the same fundraising incentives included in the school's yearly fundraisers unless they do additional fundraising.

  • The school encourages all families to surpass the minimum! Even with the buyout and family fundraising obligation, the school is not covering the gap between what it costs to educate and what we charge. 


Option 2

Families fundraise for St. Joseph School’s three most successful fundraisers. 

  1. 80% of all Walkathon pledges will be credited towards one’s Family Fundraising Obligation.

  2. 20% of Christmas Lottery Calendars will be credited towards one’s Family Fundraising Obligation. 

  3. 80% of all St. Joseph Raffle tickets will be credited towards one’s Family Fundraising Obligation.

** Please remember, if you do the buyout, your student will not receive any of the incentives included in each particular fundraiser.**


Further Details

If a family does not participate in any fundraising or does not meet their obligation during the school year, they will be billed $250 in April (minus any fundraising that was completed).


Please note: only Walkathon pledges, Christmas Lottery Calendars and St. Joseph Raffle Tickets count towards meeting your family fundraising obligation. See above for the percentages. 


In your charity, please keep in mind that we are not asking you to bridge the entire gap between tuition and actual costs as outlined above. We have instituted this system because it’s a reasonable start and the school will now count on your obligation.



By enrolling in our Amazon Smile Charity, .5% of each purchase goes toward St. Joseph's programming. 



Spiritware is now available just in time for the holidays! Click the photo below!



Boxtops for Education are sent in twice annually or scanned in the Boxtops app. Each box top is worth $.10. Download the app today and select St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School.



Hannaford Supermarkets donates Dollars for Education to our school. Please bring yours to St. Joseph's or drop them off directly at the Bicentennial Drive location.

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