Welcome New Students!


A Letter From The Principal...

Welcome to St. Joseph Regional Junior High School!


     We are thrilled that you are considering joining our school community.  St. Joseph Regional Jr.  High is a distinctly different educational experience for students and families in their middle years and we are proud of the education we offer.

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High is approaching its 100th birthday in 2025! For nearly a century, this Catholic school has been part of the fabric of Manchester, New Hampshire, and surrounding communities. St. Joseph boasts thousands of alumni who recall their fondest memories among its halls and classrooms. 

     Not only do we enhance students’ personal faith through our Catholic mission, but we provide rich academic instruction and engaging extracurricular activities, community service, mentorship and guidance in developing each students’ future-story.  We believe that critical to adolescent years are belonging, feeling valued, contributing to a bigger world view, making and growing meaningful relationships. St. Joseph’s Regional Junior High School mission statement: CARE: Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, Respect for Self and Others, in an Environment of Caring.

     Attending St. Joseph Regional Jr. High is not just a student endeavor. Families are a necessary part of our livelihood.  Family involvement in a number of ways, though different than the elementary years, cannot be underestimated. From coaching, to providing books for our school library, to attending our masses, to helping to plan our spaghetti suppers, to participating on our Advisory Board and Parent-Teacher Organization, families make a difference here. 

    It is truly one of the greatest privileges of my life to lead this incredible school into its second century.  I look forward to all of the growth and continued vision our teaching and leadership team can provide for the students in our care. The value of the low student-teacher ratios, accessible teachers, diverse and dimensional curriculum, spirited and character-focused athletic program is immeasurable, yet St. Joseph Regional Jr. High remains an affordable option. 

Feel free to call the me with any questions. Our team is looking forward to the privilege of joining you at this important time in your child's life.



Dawn I. Florino, Ed.D. Candidate

Principal, St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School