Our Athletic Programs

Every game was better than the last. The boys and girls teams demonstrated fortitude and practice, learning individually and as a team.

These girls were rockets on the soccer field! They were supportive, encouraging and fierce in their pursuit of the seasons' championship!

There was no shortage of team spirit from the students at the girls' soccer championship game at Chester Academy this fall!

Why I play at St. Joe's...

"I just love soccer and I've never played on a school team before. The kids at St. Joe's are so nice, like if I make a bad shot, they  say 'good job, try again'. "

~ Megan, Grade 7 Soccer Player

Why I coach at St. Joe's...

"I have been playing soccer since I was five and coaching since I was in the 8th grade. It allows me to share my passion for the sport and is natural for me as a teacher."

~ Ben Borromeo, Boys Soccer and Basketball Coach

What I love...

"My son has made such good friends, is encouraged to not only to be a good player but a good person when they wins and when he makes mistakes, to be responsible for the outcomes he gets and to work hard.

~ Jennifer, Parent of a Grade 8 Soccer Player

St. Joseph Regional Regional Jr. High School

148 Belmont Street 

Manchester, NH 03103

(603) 624-4811

Principal: Dawn Florino, Ed.D. Candidate

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Parking on Somerville St. and Belmont (east of Somerville). Our entrance is on Somerville Street. Please buzz to enter.