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A message from the Principal:

Preparing for the Break and Quarantine Updates

Good Afternoon, Everyone,

I'm writing to let you know that we are sending students home today with their baskets and Chromebooks in the event that we must be remote after the holiday break.

We are doing everything possible to remain open and there is no doubt the quarantine management and contact tracing is a full-time job by itself. Though we have had no positive cases in the school, it will only be a matter of time if we are not extremely cautious. We are not in a bubble. There are members of the St. Joe's and Cardinal Lacroix communities that are extremely sick.

St. Joe's families have done an exceptional job of communicating with us and for that I am grateful. Please continue to do so in the days that follow this Thanksgiving holiday by letting us know if someone in your household tests positive for COVID19, which will warrant direct-contact quarantine for your child. I implore you to temper your holiday plans so that we can remain in-person but more importantly, so that you and I can all remain healthy. Please pray for families among us scared and weary right now about loved ones who may be struggling with this illness. 

We are planning for a return to school on Monday, but as a leader, I must have a contingency and by sending students home with their materials, we will be prepared for an alternative plan. If we must quarantine a disproportionate number of students or staff or are informed of new positive cases, we may need to inform you of a turn to remote learning. We are getting new information each day. I ask that you continue to partner with us in several ways:

1) Read through the latest updates of the COVID safety plan (Reopening Plan) on our website. Updates are in red. Assure that you understand the CDC definition of "close contact".

2) Report all absences on our website "Attendance Form".

3) Please wear masks and distance as much as possible if you do gather at Thanksgiving.

4) Please help your child follow through with the Quarantine Plan to help them stay engaged.

5) Sign the TECHNOLOGY CONTRACT if you would like your child to borrow a Chromebook in the event of remote learning. We have sent this out and many are signed, but if you have not done so, please print and send it in with students. In the event that we must be remote, please bring it upon notice of pick-up times.

Please be well and Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Dawn Florino, Principal

Click the Youtube icon above for our St. Joe's channel where you'll find all family meeting recordings. 

St. Joe's Is A Family School

At St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School, we believe it is critical to stay connected with our families. That's why each month, we hold an after-dinner "family meeting" by video. You can either join us and participate in the conversations about all things middle years and school updates, or watch the videos to the right to stay connected.  Throughout the year we will host speakers and discuss topics related to adolescence. Please join us!

St. Joe's Digital Learning Platform

At St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School, each student has a personalized Gmail address and will belong to the G-Suite. 

Google Suite allows our teachers to use multiple tools for online learning. Google Classroom is easy-to-use and flexible. Please click below if your child will need to borrow an iPad for short-term use during remote learning.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Log into Google with your @stjoesjrhs.org username by clicking the icon below.

Step 2: Go to the "waffle", dropdown and click the Google Classroom icon. Mrs. Florino's Youtube video "How to Join a Google Classroom".

Step 3: "Join" each of your Google classes by going to the right corner Iook for the "+Join a class". Go to this page for all class codes.

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St. Joe's Rules of Engagement for All Students

To be the best student you can be, you must be engaged in using the tools and resources.

To be the best student you can be, you turn your work in on time and care about the quality.

To be the best student you can be, you should email your teachers promptly when you have questions.

To be the best student you can be, you can Facetime your classmates to work together.

To be the best student you can be, you would create a dedicated, quiet workspace and time free of distraction. 

To be the best student you can be, you manage your time and materials by making lists and plans in your agenda.

To be the best student you can be, you will eat well, take time outside away from technology, pray, and rest.

More Digital Resources

Supplementary digital resources can support the practice of key foundational skills and keep you informed!

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Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 11.10.15 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 11.13.57 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.44.13 PM.png

All students are expected to read continuously and write reviews, make recommendations and select books for reading. Their activity in Goodreads will be evaluated as part of their class engagement. Click icon above to go to Goodreads daily to record progress in your books.

IXL is an online diagnostic and instructional tool for language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish from prek-12. Click the link above for an affordable family membership.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that offers individualized online courses for students in math, science, and humanities. They can support or enrich the school curriculum, expand expertise and knowledge at the students' own pace.

All students at St. Joe's should download free Grammarly software onto their devices. This software will promote higher quality of written work as it cues students to grammar mistakes and provides suggestions for improvement.

Click the link above to access The History Channel Education website. This has content-rich resources that will help students build background knowledge.